UN warns lead poisoning outbreak in northern Nigeria.

This is an update on the lead poisoning in Zamfara which I read earlier today.
The environmental health disaster that was apparently contained is about resurfacing again. A report was released by the UN Environmental Protection earlier today which it referred the crisis as: “a neglected, underfunded emergency”. The UNEP and the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs released the report which says officials of the UNEP conducted field research in September and October 2010 and found that the 5 villages that were decontaminated before rains arrived some well water contained 10 times the recommended limit of lead, the soil had as much as 150 times the limit of lead and air samples contained as much as 500 times the acceptable limit. They also pointed other concerns that include livestock ingesting contaminated water and vegetables which are subsequently consumed by the locals.
There is a need for government at both Federal, State and Local levels to join heads with the UNEP, WHO, CDC and other International agencies to avert this looming disaster once more.

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7 thoughts on “UN warns lead poisoning outbreak in northern Nigeria.

  1. Pathetic…..the poor people are so desperate to have a positive change in life. Government should get them an alternative source of income to be able to discourage them from the unending dangers of the illegal mining.

    1. Dr J, to try and arrest the situation also, the fed govt should take over the entire livestocks in that area and destroy the vegetables being grown in the vicinity too. The next question is how do the locals get compensated because this is virtually their life-time savings. I’m sure if the Nigerian govt will educate them effectively on the dangers of lead poisoning as well as give them adequate compensation they will let go all their livestocks and farmlands to prevent the spread of this poisoning that is popping its ugly head again.

  2. Howard, I concur with you; this is a community where most people live on less than $2 a day. Government should get them an alternative source of income to be able to be able to seal the issue of illegal mining.

  3. I would suggest government to deploy law enforcement agents to guard the area and also engage religious and community leaders to educate the locals on the dangers of the hazardous lead mining.

  4. Well done, Jalal. This is a real failure on the side of Nigerian government. WHO should put extra pressure on the government to save these agrarian community.

  5. This is an area where global health governance should be employed to save the poor community; it’s typical of the low income countries and less seen in mid income countries.

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