Lead in ceramics?

It is now evident that with continued Public health awareness on several environmental contaminants (eg lead) and their associated ill-health effects, people are now becoming more conscious on the type of products they buy or use from the market especially if it is made from China.

It was reported that some ceramic products manufactured in China are believed to have lead. This is not surprising in view of the fact that of recent, several products manufactured in China have questionable international standard thus the need to cross-check well before buying and or using them.

The report mentioned that a team of medical students in the United States purchased and screened several dozen glazed plates, cups, spoons, and teapots from Chinatown shops: the result showed that 25 percent of the items contained lead, as did 10 percent of Chinese-made products bought elsewhere.
Read more on this story by clicking on this link.

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4 thoughts on “Lead in ceramics?

  1. It is often the case with most chinese finished products because of their poor environmental and industrial safety standards. this painfully reminded me the case of tainted milk that lead to loss of lives of several innocent children and leaving some with permanent disabilities. There’s need for the Chinese government to be extra vigilant on all manufactured goods meant for both domestic and international use to ensure that at least minimum environmental standard is observed for the good of all. Thanks for reminding us with this your concise post.

  2. I call this the price of globalisation. I guess from now henceforth, I would rather ‘thread’ with an absolute caution. Thanks Doc!

  3. I strongly believe that in Nigeria, it’s only God that will save the situation considering the fact that most of our products in the market are made in China. The few ones that are made from the western world are not within the reach of a common man. To add to the problem is that the SON (Std Org of Nigeria) is a body filled with corrupt officials, with no focus or specialists on board to even cross check and verify goods of such nature coming into our Nigerian markets. Little tip from importers of those products to our SON officials will see their products to the Nigerian markets. Pitiful!

  4. I read the article and is an example of flaws in our systems. EPA should be blamed for allowing finished products of questionable environmental standards into the U.S., knowing very well that most (if not all) made-in-China products have health hazards unless proven otherwise. Thanks!

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