Panel urges lower cut off for child lead poisoning.

As I was reading this interesting piece, what crossed my mind was Zamfara lead poisoning. It was reported that a panel of experts urges US government to lower the threshold for lead poisoning in children. This is in view of the fact that if the current threshold is maintained, developing brain of those exposed to lead could suffer which means lower IQ. This is a job well done for the Advisory Committee on Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and the CDC of the US as the present lower level of 10 micrograms of lead per decilitre of blood would be downgraded to 5 micrograms. This lower level currently impact on about 450,000 children in the US but several millions in developing countries (eg Nigeria).
I was wondering if Zamfara issue is still receiving the right attention from the Nigeria government.
I strongly believe that there are so many unreported cases of lead poisoning in other parts of Nigeria. I also believe that with what we saw in Zamfara, some of the unexplained causes of childhood mortality and morbidity (convulsions, renal disorders, behavioural and hearing disorders etc) in Nigeria are not unrelated to lead poisoning.
I should commend W.H.O, US CDC, MSF and other International NGOs too numerous to mention for their tireless efforts on curbing the menace in Zamfara. If not because of their untiring support and commitment to issue of Zamafara lead poisoning, Nigerian Government alone would have thrown the issue long ago into the dustbin.

4 thoughts on “Panel urges lower cut off for child lead poisoning.

  1. I guess this is a step forward but for the Western countries and especially the United States. I look forward to a day when Nigerian CDC would take heed and be more committed to the issue of lead poisoning which we live with it day in day out. Thanks for the update and God bless.

  2. Well done for the update on lead poisoning and I hope policy makers in Nigerian would learn on how things should be done especially when it comes to health issues. Keep the good work.

  3. Doc, well done for this powerful update. I believe if the true picture of what happened in Zamfara lead poisoning crisis would be made overt for the public to peruse through, the international community would shed bloody tears. I once came across a publication which mentioned that the level of lead contamination in Zamfara soil can be over 100,000ppm and that in the serum of the affected children can be as high as 50mg/dl. Comparing this with what is an acceptable standard to the world is surely suicidal. May God in his infinite mercy correct the attitude of our leaders in Nigeria!

  4. Jalal, indeed this is an interesting update. I perused through that write up also in Atlanta Associated Press reports of Jan. 4. In India, we are also battling the issue of Lead poisoning and it is my hope that one day low-income (and mid-income alike) would adhere to the International standard of how things are done.

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