About the Blog

This blog intends to highlight the influence of environment on human health especially in the low and middle income countries for these two broad reasons:
1. they transit through risk transition i.e. moving from exposure to traditional hazards to exposure to modern hazards
2. the public health services in these countries and more especially the sub-Saharan Africa are in shambles bedevilled with multifaceted problems that includes:
• lack of physical infrastructure and effective public health systems and where available, concentration of health facilities in urban areas leaving the rural populations with nowhere to seek care
• ignorance and lack of information, educational and social programs needed to provide adequate public health services creating social stigmas to some health problems with many not being able to turn to the public health system thus resultant consequences to their health and that of others
• lack of sufficient budgetary resources and effective public health policies to ensure that health services are available, affordable and accessible to every citizenry
• lack of political will and commitment from the governments of these countries to make health care spending a priority with greater part of the meagre resources meant for health care often lost to poor spending choices, corruption, pilferages and wastages
• lack of adequate collaboration with NGOs and international donor agencies to restructure the health systems and contain emerging and re-emerging diseases posing threat to the high income countries as well e.g. scourges like HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, schistosomiasis, onchocerciasis, and dengue fever etc.


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